Selecting the right pair of sunglasses to match your face shape

womansunglassesIf you are an outdoorsy person, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun. Harmful UVA/UVB rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes. That is why it is important to purchase high quality, UV blocking sunglasses for proper eye care. Finding the right pair of sunglasses is no easy task.  With so many different styles and brands now available, it’s important you find a pair that best suits your lifestyle, looks great on you and also gives your eyes the right kind of protection!

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, you should always ask yourself the following questions. What do you need them for? Are they just for wearing out and about or do you need them for a specific sport or activity?) Do they fit your face shape? And lastly do they sufficiently protect your eyes?


How often do you see a pair of sunglasses that look great on someone else but when you try them on yourself they just don’t suit you?  It’s really important when selecting a pair of sunglasses that you know what type of face shape you have, and which styles suit that shape of face best. For example, if you have a round face shape then round sunglasses are generally not the best choice as you need a pair of glasses that will help elongate your face. Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses on the other hand are well suited to a rounder face and also look great on wider face shapes.


Like with any fashion accessory, it’s important to try and find a pair of sunglasses that contrast well with your skin tone.  Darker and warmer skin tones suit colors such as Tortoiseshell, yellows, ambers, and browns while lighter skin tones work well with light pinks and blues.


Polarized lenses make the world look even more beautiful but they are also practical! They offer additional UV protection for your eyes by absorbing light where the vibrations travel in one particular direction. They are really great if you’re spending time out there on the water, ice or snow since light reflected off water becomes partially polarized. Polarized lenses are able to absorb this light which helps to reduce the glare from reflected surfaces. Who knew?!


Wooden frames are comfortable, lightweight and have less plastic, so they are better for our environment. With all the plastic problems in our environment, especially our oceans, we aim for less plastic in everything we do and in our buying choices and we encourage you to do the same.

Bamboo Sunnies come in lots and lots of styles so you can find a pair that’s just perfect for you. Since we specialize in Bamboo Sunglasses we carry the largest online selection. Whether you’re looking for driving, hiking, sailing, surfing or hang-out-with-friends sunglasses, we have a pair of bamboo sunglasses to suit you!

The Advantages of Bamboo Frame Sunglasses

  • Bamboo wood frame glasses are handcrafted and uniquely designed with vintage inspired themes. The classic style of these awesome sunglasses are timeless and will never be untrendy.
  • These bamboo wooden frame glasses float in water. Forget the countless times you have lost your favorite shades at sea! Now you can rest assured knowing you can wear high quality sunglasses when you need protection against UV rays the most.
  • Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources. The overall health of the bamboo grove is improved when it is sustainably kept, taking virtually no water to grow. Bamboo is not harvested using harmful chemicals and toxins, keeping you safe from hazardous contaminants!

The Care of your New Bamboo Sunglasses

  • Carefully remove sunglasses from package. Be sure to avoid sharp objects that could scratch the lenses.
  • If the product did not come with a case or microfiber cloth, we recommend purchasing both for guaranteed protection of your glasses.
  • After wearing your shades, be sure to only use a microfiber cloth to clean them in order to avoid scuffs.
  • Do not use random cleaning solutions on the lenses. We highly recommend only using trusted sunglass cleaner bought from a reliable establishment.
  • While you are not wearing your bamboo sunglasses, we suggest keeping them in a sturdy case to provide ultimate protection.

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