✰ Germanium Magnets Bracelet - BluebirdGear™
✰ Germanium Magnets Bracelet - BluebirdGear™
✰ Germanium Magnets Bracelet - BluebirdGear™
✰ Germanium Magnets Bracelet - BluebirdGear™


✰ Germanium Magnets Bracelet

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Magnetic jewelry everyone would want to wear each and every day!

Our magnetic therapy bracelets combine stunning designs with the most powerful wellness magnets and are designed to optimize your natural positive energy, increase blood circulation, and have been reported to provide relief from muscle and joint pain. 

Discover for yourself why millions of people are wearing magnetic therapy bracelets everyday - you won’t want to leave the house without it!

Product Details:

Sizing: Adult size Length: 20cm / 7.87in
Metals Type:Copper Perfect for: Everyday usage
Integrated Health Elements:
Tourmaline Stone Magnets - Far Infrared - Negative Ion
  • Handcrafted with biomedical-grade stainless steel which is safe to wear, durable, and will not tarnish.
  • Made with powerful rare earth neodymium magnets that won’t lose their strength over time and can significantly increase the effectiveness.
  • Slip on the bracelet and you’re done. It’s that easy to unleash the benefits!
  • An alternative health solution that has no side-effects (finally!)

Benefits of Wearing Magnets

We position the magnets in our bracelets to cover the two important acupuncture points of the wrist to increase the wearers vital life force, known as Chi. Therefore, the proximity of a magnetic field may result in an acceleration of circulation and the transfer of energy to all areas of the body.

The Health Benefits of Wearing Copper

Modern science confirms what people around the world have known for hundreds of years. Copper is an essential nutrient, playing a vital role in keeping bones, skin, brain, blood vessels and immune system strong and healthy. Copper also has anti-bacterial properties useful in slowing the spread of illnesses. Because copper can be absorbed through the skin, wearing copper jewelry has become a simple, popular way to reap the benefits of this lovely metal.

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